About Ebb&Co


Have you ever gotten that instinctive feeling when you first notice a beautiful dress and you just know it was made for you? or when you know those pair of jeans you just spotted will make you feel and look fantastic?

Well, that is Fashion’s charm and let’s face it, those moments can make us feel very flattered!

The first moment I was charmed by fashion was when I was a child. I remember it was just a normal shopping day with my mum until I spotted them, the most stunning sparkling pair of shoes I had ever seen and of course I had to have them. Luckily for me, my kind mum recognised the moment and
those shoes were mine.Kristin Ball - Owner Ebb and Co

That one moment became the catalyst to a career spanning over two decades built on extinct and the know how to spot the latest trends and styles.

I’m Kristin Ball, Creator of Ebb & Co., Style Tracker and Professional Buyer but more importantly mum to three fashionable children.

Creating Ebb & Co. was a natural evolution to my career. As a hairdresser for over two decades I have spoken to thousands of women consulting them on what is the current look for the season, so it felt only natural to extend my trained eye for the latest trends and styles to clothes and accessories.

There is nothing more exciting in life then being able to create your own reality and fashion lets us do that. We as women are evolving all the time, making changes in our fashion choices to suit our lifestyles. This is why I track and buy an eclectic range of women’s fashion and accessories for you to choose from.

Ebb & Co. welcomes you. Please visit our online store or visit us in person at our Boutique. I can’t promise you there will be a pair of shining sparkling shoes waiting to catch your eye but I can guarantee for you that there will be plenty of choices available for the woman you are today.